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To learn more about Alopecia Support Group, listen to our dear partners at Ezell's Chicken.


Alopecia Support Group wants to aid those suffering and empower people who are facing post traumatic effects of Alopecia. Our programs, events, activities and retreats will help survivors to lead healthier lives, improve self-esteem, and reduce the level of suicides attempted or committed by survivors. 

Services are made possible through the financial support of federal, state, local government grants, corporations, foundations and private donations.  ALL contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.We believe giving is a means to greater impact, better outcomes and making the impossible possible. 

Alopecia Support Group offers sponsors a way to align their giving with the community at large. It’s a way to join Alopecia Support Group in their fight to cope with Alopecia and improve the lives of survivors and their loved ones. Sponsors have a direct impact through their giving and accelerates the progress on must-solve problems.

As an Alopecia Support Group Partner, you are part of a community geared towards change and healing. Your monthly gift ensures people who suffer from hair loss receive the help they need.

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