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Alopecia Support Group is a not for profit organization whose mission is to provide aid, programs and innovative therapeutic methods that are vital in the healing process for survivors who are experiencing Alopecia and/or hair loss.  Being that 147 million people worldwide suffer from Alopecia the need is critical, and our mission to be of assistance is global.   We seek to be advocates, healers and mentors for our survivors — from those who are suffering. If there is no known outlet, we will do our best to create one.  Access to information, support and therapeutic activities can positively change lives. Every survivor deserves the chance to determine their own future and define who and what they are.  We give survivors the chance to recover from their emotional trauma.  When crisis happens, we are readily available to assist in any way we can.

​Our founder, Jamie Elmore, has pursued the resources for our mission to extend through and beyond the United States.  Her passion and boundless energy has inspired a movement that has become bigger than her initial vision. After her initial diagnosis, she was very surprised by the lack of resources available for something that is a worldwide epidemic. Striving to gain back normalcy to her life she began dreaming, planning and becoming a resource for what she wished was accessible when she was dealing with the post traumatic effects of Alopecia. Thus, Alopecia Support Group was born. She began creating innovative ways of healing that include but are not limited to retreats, one-on-one and group coaching ,writing, team building, exercise, workshops, and global pen pals. We are excited about what the future holds for the men, women and children who will be directly affected by what Alopecia Support Group will provide.  Empowering people to live out loud is essential for us.


Jamie Elmore
 Activist • Writer  Motivational Speaker

Jamie Elmore is on a mission to bring more awareness to the epidemic of Alopecia. No more turning a blind eye to an act that is affecting so many lives. Alopecia Support Group started after her personal experiences of hairloss during adulthood. She aims to tackle the issue of Alopecia and give a voice to men, women and children around the world, that suffer in silence. 

Her mission is to bring Alopecia to the forefront, address the effects, coping methods and show how one can go from being a victim to victorious in life.   

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