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Speaking Engagements

Jamie Elmore teaches groups how to love and be loved when dealing with Alopecia. Improving awareness attitudes, habits, leadership skills, self acceptance, social support are all achievable by implementing simple changes.  In addition to the above, another benefit is team building.  Alopecia effects so many men and women but is rarely discussed. Jamie Elmore tackles the taboo topic of hair loss head on with topics such as:

  • How to support those battling with Alopecia/cancer

  • You are not your hair

  • Mental health and what to  expect with hair loss due to Alopecia and/or cancer

  • Hair Alternatives

  • Crisis Prevention


Accepting & Beyond Workshop

Our global reach is making it increasingly easier to heal and accept the side effects of Alopecia such as depression, anxiety, low self esteem, etc..  We focus our time, energy, and attention where those who suffer need it most. We are confident because our workshops are based on personal case studies, experiences and findings in hair loss and cancer. Its human nature to care about our appearance and we are here to help you become the best version of yourself. We will chat about it.


  • Conquering the emotions attached to the loss of hair 

  • Self awareness

  • Getting your happy back

  • Body language and other nonverbal skills that help with confidence


I Am Beautiful Workshop

It is your loved ones that will make or break your healing/coping process with Alopecia or Cancer. They are your front line of support. So much depends on how they react to your transitioning growth. Your process is all about trust. Topics that will be discussed:

  • Helping your loved ones with powerful personal images that reflect your sense of self

  • Arm them with the power of communication when dealing with adverse situations and side effects Alopecia or Cancer

  • Grow their ability to love you through the stages of Alopecia or Cancer


Image and Accessory Workshop

It’s a beautiful world and you deserve to be beautiful in it. Alopecia comes with many struggles but its nothing that some confidence and accessories can’t fix. Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or are looking to upgrade your look, the challenges can be the same.  So, how do you do you know what works for you? We will help you develop your own style skills that will make all the difference in your self esteem. We will cover:

  • Makeup

  • Headwrapping

  • Clothes and colors that work for your

  • Feeling and looking your best

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