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Kathryn's Workshop Experience

While I was at the salon workshop I did something I never do: I pushed back my hair back in a relaxed and carefree way, exposing several of my bald spots. For one of the few moments of my life, I felt proud of showing my hair loss and the random patterns of which it manifests on my scalp. Every day I style my hair with an impenetrable layer of hairspray, but in this moment where I mussed my hair, it felt like I took down a wall of steel.

The makeup artistry by Jessica was phenominal. I was so flustered by all the attention I was getting from wearing Jessica's ombre style lip painting, yet I couldn't stop admiring it, myself! She had plenty of recommendations and tips that I didn't realize I needed, and I learned so much from her. She had a perfect cheery attitude and shared a little of her own encouraging philosophy, which I still find myself inspired by. Sitting in that makeup chair with eyes all on me made me a little nervous at first but Jessica radiated positive energy and I definitely would love to be in that chair again. If anyone sees her in the downtown Nordstroms while needing for some makeup to be done or suggested, I absolutely recommend her.

Brandy offered an incredibly touching story and her own expertise with eyebrows. The common perception of hair loss seems to only ever be about the scalp, but what a lot of makeup artists and people with various forms of Alopecia know is that eyebrows are a huge aspect of one's appearance. I have lost an eyebrow and the majority of the other in the past, and without much experience with doing my brows, it was a very fish-out-of-water learning experience. Brandy did an amazing job guiding me with doing brows and gave me many much-needed tips. I also plan on paying her a visit in the future for some microblading. While there, Brandy just about cleaned up everyone's eyebrows, and she still deserves a big round of applause for all that careful work.

Jamie, herself, shared her guidance in accessorizing with me, working as both an artistic eye as well as a cheerleader. She has about a hundred ways to wear a single type of scarf, ranging all around the style board. The scarf and hat combo is something I never considered and it is a style I am for sure trying in this upcoming cold winter. After her encouragment that day I never in my life felt so excited to buy a new hat.

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